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About Us

Our History

At the Kardomah Cafe we have a long history of excellent service, great food and wonderful coffee. We are an independent, established, family run business of nearly 50 years. Traditional values are important to us and have helped us create a warm and friendly atmosphere, which is seen by many of our customers as an important part of their lives, a place to meet their friends, whilst enjoying quality food and drink. Where possible we source from as many local businesses, such as sausages from the Gower Butcher, our Friday special, fresh salmon from Coakley Greens, cockles on the Saturday Welsh breakfast / fruit and vegetables, from Swansea market.


Opened in 1957, our wonderful, spacious, family friendly cafe still has original wooden panelling, mosaic tiling and deco-ish reliefs providing a 50’s nostalgia fix for anyone who visits. Some of the same staff from over 30 years ago still work here, this all helps to foster the family culture enjoyed by our customers.

Associated with Dylan Thomas

The Cafe enjoys cult appeal for its retro decor and associations with poet Dylan Thomas. He described the Kardomah as “My Home Sweet Homah”. It has been used for location for “Set Fire To The Stars” a BAFTA Cymru award winning film about Dylan Thomas and also the David Tennant Dr. Who Christmas special episode.


Our Coffee


Coffee connoisseurs at The Daily Telegraph recently compiled a list of the top 50 coffee houses around the globe. It picked out the Kardomah Cafe in that list, as a “golden oldie” praising its fine brews, layers of history, its people watching potential and atmosphere.

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